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Any class schedule you need is possible with ProClass software

ProClass software allows class scheduling with flexibility unavailable in other solutions. Classes may be recurring at specific days and times during the week, they may have holidays that interrupt this recurring schedule or there may be additional dates outside the regular schedule. ProClass can handle all of these. With ProClass you can mix recurring schedules with specific meet dates and locations so that any class schedule may be created, even ones with different locations, times, rooms, and instructors on each scheduled meet date. No other software offers class scheduling flexibility like ProClass.

Class and Event Scheduling Features:

 Recurring dates and times
 Scheduled registration open dates and times
 Specific date scheduling for classes without a standard or recurring schedule
 Make up date scheduling for missed or canceled classes or events
 Blackout dates for holidays, weather cancellations, or other interruptions
 Assign locations and rooms to each class sessions or individual date